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Celia Blanco

Female , 43 Years
4,264 Rank 3.95M Views 3 Videos

Hola Papi, and get ready to get your Spanish Fly levels up in the red zone from the all-natural source of horny known as Celia Blanco. This nasty blonde vixen turns up such kinky energy, you could power a generator hooked up to your balls while whacking it to her scenes. There’s nothing too hardcore or filthy for this babe to take on. Slam a platoon of hard dicks her way, and she’ll expertly milk each one in no time. Flip her over and make her butthole wide enough for a tennis-ball can, and she’ll show you an Ace in the Hole. Once upon a time, however, Celia had dreams of being a respected mainstream actress. She studied theater, singing and dance in Spain, and had some minor credits to her name. Success was slow, and Celia couldn’t wait for the bigtime when she’d be famous enough to command the hordes of boy-slaves her vagina and asshole crave. She took her dramatic talents from the mainstream to the whore-stream, and she’s never been happier. With a killer body, sweet tits, and a fleshy ass, Celia has been draining ball-sacks from Spain to Maine and back again. Whether she’s all alone working her own orgasmic tunnels, or getting double dicked at once, this man-eater is always in control. Once Celia’s covered in cum, she’s done for the day, only to be reborn a bigger and badder slut the next day.

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