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Cecilia Vega

Female , 43 Years
2,398 Rank 27.12M Views 13 Videos

Does a MILF whispering filthy things to you in French make you rock hard? If yes, then you’re in luck! And if not, you’re still in luck, because you’ll probably still get stiff to Euro sensation Cecilia Vega, a big-tittied cougar who can out-screw any whore. Born in 1977 in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Cecilia was always interested in performing in porn, thanks to her out-of-control libido and exhibitionist tendencies. Her breakout film didn’t happen until she was 29, but she spent the preceding years getting lots of sexual experience. "I would say that sex, this is my need as well as the air I breathe or food,” Cecilia once said when asked about her high sex drive. "Sex is my second nature.” Cecilia’s an equal opportunity slut and bangs both men and women. In fact, she lost her virginity to a fellow hot chick. The BDSM scene and swingers’ clubs also blessed her with plenty of sexpertise. She may have started in the jizz biz later than her contemporaries, but her no-holds-barred performances, her litany of kinks, and her lack of limits quickly propelled her to the top. Cecilia’s collected porn industry awards in both Europe and America and screwed in the videos of all the best studios and directors.

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