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Miss Duprex

Female , 50 Years
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Sonia Eyes is an Italian pornstar from days gone by. She made porn movies in an older era, where she probably never even thought that they would be put on the Internet forever for everyone to see, but here they are. She started shooting porn movies in 1998 when she was already 28 years old. As you can see, she started as a MILF and just went up from there. She has black hair and piercing eyes that could give you a boner with just one glance. Since she’s Italian but also from Germany, she has a bit of freakiness mixed with the sensuality that is so common with people from European cultures. Sonia is a total babe who looks amazing in any porn movie. She has big titties and nice dick-sucking lips. Even though Sonia stopped shooting porn in 2007, after deciding she was too old for this game, she can still be seen on her official Facebook page posting videos. More than 10 years after her retirement, some would argue that she’s hotter than ever! If you want to reminisce about this beautiful mature cocksucker, then you’ll want to see her porn movies here. There are quite a few gems to appreciate, whether you’re a diehard Sonia fan or you are just now discovering her. Don’t let another moment go by without a Sonia Eyes porn scene in your life, because she really does give her all to each guy she fucks, and it’s a sight to see.

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