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Catie Minx

Female , 31 Years
1,940 Rank 12.1M Views 23 Videos

The Internet has helped people, all around the world, open up and truly find themselves, when in real life they might be too shy or self-conscious to feel truly free. Catie Minx is a self-described shy, nerdy, stay-at-home kind of girl who’s worked hard at a university science degree, and otherwise would rarely come out to play. But, thanks to the magic of the world wide web, and those tight little butthole-shaped webcams you stick on top of your monitor, the incredibly cute, sexy and minxy Catie can open up to the world. And by open up, we mean spread her amazing little moist pussy hole and give that unbelievably tight asshole a little stretching for the fans. She’s got jet-black hair and smoky green cat eyes, and one of the cutest little mouths that smiles and giggles nervously whenever she gets a depraved thought about touching herself and letting strangers watch her do it. Catie’s got fantastic, fan-favorite teen tits and a pale smooth butt you would snuggle up with for hours. She’s barely 100 pounds but every ounce of her body is secretly supercharged with that horny exhibitionist’s urge to be ogled and jerked to. Catie loves her toys, especially her magic wand, anal vibrators and her squirt guns which she uses to fire juice up her pussy and butthole. Oh, and she’s into costumes, video games and comic books, for all the fanboy wankers out there.

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