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Ashlyn Molloy may have 'Doll Face' tattooed on her right leg, but what she really needs is a sign that says 'Fuck Doll' to cover the rest of her body. Ashlyn combines a sweet cherubic look, courtesy of her gorgeous young face, with the sinister intensity of a fuck demon, thanks to the rest of her slick, gyrating body. She often sports her natural dark-red hair, which cascades in waves as her head bobs on the edge of a throbbing dick. Her white, porcelain skin must taste like sweetened cream with a hint of horny, sweaty saltiness. When Ashlyn is making a man's junk feel at home in and around her fuck-holes, she doesn't just lay back and invite anything inside. She moves her lithe figure around in ways that'll make you question the physical laws of biology. She can arch her white ass up so high in the air while getting down 'n' dirty that you need an extra-large monitor to fully savor her scenes. When Ashlyn sucks and fucks for the cameras, it's as if there's nobody there but her, her co-starring dicks, and you, the viewer. Her shows are all A+ in creativity, energy, and spunk spillage. From her delectable toes to her pert pink nips, and from her delicate pussy wings to that tight crack of an ass, you'd be hard-pressed not to sell the family farm just for a chance to sniff Ashlyn Molloy's thong

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